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Situational Analysis of Adolescent Girls in Sub Urban Area of Gurgaon

Dr. Kavita, Dr.Bimla Dhanda
Online First: November 03, 2017
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The issues addressed in this study includes not only analyze the situation of adolescent girls regarding physical, social, emotional, psychological, educational and health status but also analyze the effects of these situation on their psychological development in sub urban areas of Gurgaon. A sample of 200 school going adolescent girls (9-19 yrs) who were also attending an NGO activities related to health and education was selected. To analyze the situation of adolescent girls a questionnaire cum interview schedule was prepared and during interviews a focused discussion was held with selected girls. The data were analyzed in frequency and percentage. The obtained results highlighted an image of low status of adolescent girls. They were considered to be a fragile segment of society. The girl birth in the family was seldom welcomed. Girls were generally treated inferior to boys. The vast majority of girls were strongly under the influence of prevailing cultural taboos. In issues related to personal life girl education had been treated to be against traditions. As a result, the majorities of respondents were found hard to education and faced various health problems during adolescent year. Female adolescents enjoyed limited physical mobility in the sub urban set-up. Most of them were not allowed to go outdoors alone. Majority of adolescents girls were forced to married early in life and played no role in mate selection. Their role in family was considered to be secondary. The respondents showed very low self-esteem and emotionally weak. They found low in confidence and mentally weak. Their grades in schools were also found low in spite of that they were provided extra help by an NGO.

Nov 3, 2017
Nov 3, 2017
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  • Dr. Kavita, Dr.Bimla Dhanda