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Study the Performance of Solid Lubricants during Machining of Variable Hardened AISI 4340 Steel Using Grey-Fuzzy Approach

Kumar, Sanjeev , Singh, Dilba., Kalsi, N.S
1I.K.G. Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar 2Department of Mechanical Engineering 3Beant College of Engineering and Technology, Gurdaspur (PB), India-14352 Email id:
Online First: October 28, 2017
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Hard turning has received substantial attention due to high wear resistance and superior surface quality of finished goods. However, high heat generation during hard turning is crucial in deciding the surface quality of finished products. Traditionally, cutting fluids are extensively used to control the heat generated during the machining process. The storage, disposal, and environmental pollution are the main difficulties related to the use of cutting fluids during machining.  The use of solid lubricant during hard turning is a modern technique. Solid lubricants are environmentally friendly and substitute to conventional cutting fluids. In this research work, Hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) and Zinc sulfide (ZnS) are selected as solid lubricants. The process variables selected during experiments are tool nose radius, workpiece hardness, cutting speed and feed rate. The surface roughness and cutting force are selected as performance parameters. Taguchi approach for design of experiments is used to perform the experiments. The optimization of the process is carried out by applying grey-relational analysis. The outcomes from the grey-relational approach are verified by using Fuzzy-logic.  The results indicate that the performance of hBN as solid lubricant is better than ZnS as a solid lubricant

Keyword : Hard turning; Grey-relational; Fuzzy-logic; Solid-lubricants; Surface roughness; Cutting force

Oct 28, 2017
Oct 28, 2017
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  • Kumar, Sanjeev , Singh, Dilba., Kalsi, N.S