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Honour Killing: Belittling and Destructive Practices against Women by Khap Panchayat (Caste Panchayat and its effect on Human Rights)

Tushar Arora
Student, National Law University & Judicial Academy, Assam Email id:
Online First: October 24, 2017
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India is a land of customs, traditions, culture and a lot of vibrant people. Honour is a quality that bestows; respect, proud, status, joy, privilege and many more superior standing. When anyhow this dignity is targeted, especially by women of close relation, it results in havoc. Women have been a victim of the same from a long time. Honour killing is one of those odd-customs that has deep-seated roots in a family or society and people practicing it forbid to embrace the magnificence of the changing scenario of the world and the terms like modernisation and open-mindedness have no existence in their dictionary.

Globally, a woman is considered to be the centre-point of the repute of the family and in no way is she supposed to bring dishonour to her family. India, being a cosmopolitan country faces acute level of this disorder. Male dominating culture, expecting high merits in society, most of the times never allows a woman to degrade the honour at any cost. Anyhow, most of the times reputation gets tarnished accidently and becomes virulent, can damage a family/community/state at an alarming pace, if not controlled strictly. Women are strong pillar that need utmost care and protection. In context to our nation, example being discussed here is Khap Panchayat, its rationale, implications and legalities.

Oct 24, 2017
Oct 24, 2017
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