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Limnological Studies on the seasonal wise Groundwater Quality Assessment of Gulbarga District, Karnataka state, India

Rekha .S. Choudhary, Dr. Mohan, I Naik
1Department of Post Graduate Studies and Research in Environmental Science, Gulabarga University 2 Agricultural science University GKVK, Bangaluru.
Online First: October 13, 2017
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Groundwater plays an important and critical component for public health, environment and the nation’s economy.  In recent times, the importance of groundwater and its accessibility has gained momentum as a major requirement of drinking water, industrial and agricultural needs. However, much concentration is not given to their utility, management and sustainability. The chemical composition of groundwater is influenced by various reactions such as acid base, oxidation reduction and solid phase interactions in the aquifer medium.  The resultant composition of the water would be in keeping with the mineralogy of the aquifer and movement of groundwater.  An attempt has been made to evaluate the groundwater quality through monitoring of network stations in Karnataka.It is said that water was found on Earth approximately 3 billion years ago. Groundwater quality is an important issue to assure from its safe and stable use. However, describing quality conditions is generally difficult considering spatial variability of pollutants and a wide range of indicators (biological, physical and chemical substances) which can be measured. In this research, groundwater quality of Gulbarga District, Karnataka located in southern part of India. I have been selected around certain study sites and analysed the quality of water. A groundwater threat is now posed by an ever increasing number of soluble chemicals from urban and industrial activities and from modern agricultural practices. Nevertheless, landslides, fires and other surface processes that increase or decrease infiltration or that expose rock and soil surfaces interacting with downward-moving surface water, may also affect the quality of shallow groundwater.

Oct 13, 2017
Oct 13, 2017
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  • Rekha .S. Choudhary, Dr. Mohan, I Naik