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Changing Status of Educated Working Woman

Kaitha Satheesh
MA sociology, NET, Osmania University, Email Id:
Online First: October 12, 2017
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Differences in access to human capital continue to be one of the most critical dimensions of inequality of opportunity. Some of the most striking inequalities are visible along the gender dimension. For education to be equalising, it must ease restrictions on women’s life chances and increase the opportunities available to them. This paper proposes to investigate the potentially powerful role educated workingwomen can play in improving lives by looking at the social/gender/economic empowerment effects of education through working. The socio-economic dimension of empowerment is important as it encompasses the ability to access lucrative and rewarding occupations as well as the ability to both earn and control an income, it constitutes only one aspect of empowerment. The socio-cultural, inter-personal, political and psychological dimensions are also critical especially given the cultural constraints posed on women’s lives more broadly. These include women’s ‘control over resources and their life’, ‘Mobility’, participation in public life’ and ‘attitudes, perceptions and beliefs’. Individual own education (as well as father’s and spouse’s education) and empowerment, variously defined. The problems and difficulties of working women are multi-dimensional and they need a deep probing. The problems are three types environmental, social and psychological.

Oct 12, 2017
Oct 12, 2017
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