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Urban Poverty, Family Stress and Parenting In Light Of Bronfrenbrenner’s Ecological Model and Conger Et. Al. Family Stress Model

Girija Sharma, Dr. Nimisha Kumar
Jamia Milia Islamia
Online First: September 03, 2017
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Mr. Prakash is a resident of Delhi and father of three children who works as a security guard on night shift. His wife also decided to spend nights out of home. So the children were alone most of the time, worse still, she also went to work during the day as his husband caught up with sleep. Their youngest school going daughter would normally stay by herself in the house while her brothers on arriving from school, went about roaming with friends in the slum neighbourhood. Then one day due to constant arguments, the man was shocked when the mother of his children disappeared never to return again. It was quite a blow to the family, especially the children.

Mr. Prakash further narrates that I later learnt that “my wife had rented a place of her own and was entertaining a younger man who is normally seen at her place. She is still there till this day though I have tried several times to engage our families to discuss the issue; she is always stubborn”. What he fears the most are our children, she should at least consider their wellbeing. His eldest son has now started abusing drugs and doesn’t take school seriously; he takes advantage of the father’s absence to stay out nights with friends.

The effect of the separation has since taken a toll on the family and with more heartlessness on the innocent young ones. Because of the absence of the mother who is now taking care of two of her children- a boy and a girl- and the father who still spends nights away from home and lives with the eldest son, the upbringing of the children has lacked proper guidance and care quite vital to the adolescent aged boys. The oldest boy turned to drugs and his school grades has been deteriorating since, second sonhas to travel long distance on foot from the mother’s house toattend a school. Negligence has caused havoc to countless families who are wasted with similar heart-wrenching separations not only in the slums but all over the country.

Voices of children crying out for attention as they are left by themselves to face the harsh world without the care of parents is tragic to think about. It becomes even sadder when the said parents are alive and capable people able to provide for their children’s emotional, physical and psychological needs. Due to such forms of negligent parenting the children at times find themselves in the hands of other abusers who in the pretext of offering comfort exploit and cause them more harm, pain and trauma. Occasionally abuse and abandonment are as a result of separations of parents, the spouses or one of the parents trying to hurt the other, uses the innocent children as a weapon against the partner who may react with violence causing them harm.

Sep 26, 2017
Sep 3, 2017
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