Role of Vedic Education in Modern Education System

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Dr. Praveen Kumar Jain
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It is supposed that Vedic literature play important role in development of education. Vedic education can be included as a school subject in school curriculum. Students can be taught Vedic education to develop their spirituality. It is the main foundation of culture of India. We cannot accept those people as educated person who are not aware of the culture and civilization of their nation. The Vedic education is just pool which links students and teacher regarding spiritual sense.  This study will be too useful for those who have modern thoughts. Vedic knowledge is too necessary for students as well as teacher so that they could implement this knowledge in day to day life and in modern education. So it is very necessary that it must be practiced more and more so that many changes could be done in modern education system. Vedic education is the key of all problems which are exist in the world.    


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