Pseudolarix: a endangered genus

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Dr Teena agrawal
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Gymnosperms are the naked seed plants without fruits .They are generally evergreen  trees with needles and beautiful  woody cones on them .seeds are present on the ovuliferous scales  ,the sizes and the shapes of the ouvuliferous scales are of the taxonomic values for the several species of the genera .coniferales order of the gymnosperms are evergreen trees with commercial values  , they are lorches ,cedars ,pines ,hemlocks .the plants has two kinds of the branches ,these are the long branches and the short spurs . Short spurs are filled with the needles and bark. In this review article we are working on the  some of the aspects of the ,one of the genus entitled as the Pseudolarix , this genus is monotypic  having one species entitled as the Pseudolarix amabilis .commonly it is known as the Chinese golden lorches .The plant is valuable commercially and wood is used for the variety of the purposes , IUCN  version categories the genus as endangered on the basis of the area of the occupancy (AOO)and the area of the extents(AOE)  in the china .The genus is valuable commercially as well as medicinally ,so it requires the protection and the conservation .


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