Tsuga: an endangered genus

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Dr Teena agarwal
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Gymnosperms are the plants of the great values; they have the good economic ach have not the as well as the evolutionary values. They are characterizes by the naked seed plants which have not the fruit around them .Reproduction occurs by the male and the female cones with the ovuliferous scales .IUCN categorized majority of the gymnosperms as the critically- endangered since these groups are degrading due to the habitat destructions and the logging of the trees for the various purposes. Here we are describing some of the features of the conifers entitled as the Tsuga as an endangered genus with the 11 species all over the globe .The genus represents the all the features of the conifers and now by the IUCN categorization the genus has been declared as the endangered by the version 3.1, so the genus is need the conservation   and the propagations.


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