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Survey on Network security

Kate Aishwarya, Shelke Pratiksha ,Pooja Hule, Mahabare Sayli
SE Computer Engineering ,Jaihind College Of Engineering, Kuran.
Online First: February 26, 2018
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Important information is the most valuable factor of today’s market. As we know that top business network spend billions of dollers every year to protect their computer networks and to keep their business data secure .If we imagine the  harm to all important investigating data on which the company has invested millions of dollers and working for years !!! Now a days we are dependent on computers today for preventing huge money transfers between banks, insurance, markets, telecommunication, electrical power segmentation, health and medical fields, nuclear power plants, space research and satellites. We cannot sort out security in these important areas. So to preserve our information network security concept comes.Network Security is a department  of computer science that involves in protect a computer network and network infrastructure devices to prevent unauthorized access, data theft, network misuse, device and data correction. Function of Network Security is in protecting DoS (Denial of Service) attacks and assuring non stop service for legal network users. Network Security involves active protect methods and mechanisms to protect data, network and network devices from external and internal threats .In this paper we are going to explain architecture of network security and methods which are used to secure data. Also we are explain different types of  attacks in network security.

Keyword : Network Security, attacks, network security devices

Feb 26, 2018
Feb 26, 2018
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5) The complete reference Network Security
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  • Kate Aishwarya, Shelke Pratiksha ,Pooja Hule, Mahabare Sayli