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Design and fabrication of Mecanum wheel with forklift

Prof. Mhaske A,. Chaudhari Deepak T. , Dukare Vishal C.,Gawade Vishal S., Kharade Karan V
Online First: January 30, 2018
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In this paper, we review researches on multi-directional automobile vehicle design with Mecanum wheel as component in the forklift vehicle. Multi-directional automobile vehicle has vast advantages over conventional design likes differential drive in term of mobility in congested environments. Multi-directional automobile wheel can perform various types of  work in small spaces, such as those commonly found in manufacturing floor, hospitals and offices. There are variety of applications of mecanum wheel can be possible as per work. A variety of designs of Mecanum wheel installed forklift   have been developed in recent years in order to improve their Multi-directional movement and practical applications. These features are expanded at the expense of improved mechanical complication and increased complexity in control mechanism. Mecanum wheel systems work by applying rotating motion of each individual wheel in one direction similar to regular wheels with a different in the fact that Mecanum wheel systems are able to move freely in a different direction, in other word, they can slide frequently perpendicular to the torque vector. The main advantage of using Mecanum wheel systems is that it can move or slide in any required direction with respect to each wheel rotaion in narrow spaces. By replacing conventional wheel with mecanum wheel the time and space required to handled a product or work is greatly reduce.

Jan 30, 2018
Jan 30, 2018
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  • Prof. Mhaske A,. Chaudhari Deepak T. , Dukare Vishal C.,Gawade Vishal S., Kharade Karan V