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Crop Harvester System

Walse Atul, Walse Kiran, Naikare Akshay, Mutke Akash, Prof. Dhobale A.L.
Jaihind college of Engineering, Kuran A/P- Kuran, Tal-Junnar, Dist-Pune
Online First: January 30, 2018
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Whole world is becoming the autonomous in every field, especially in agriculture field. Our country’s major economy is based on agriculture field but till there are some deficiency in this field because of our conventional process that we used from long time. Currently in India former used conventional method for the maize cutting i.e. the conventional method for maize cutting is as manually cutting using labour but this method is lengthy and time consuming.As india is known for agriculture field and from ancient period we are doing farming on large scale of various crops,cereals etc due to availability of fertile land and easliy available of water as well as environment.Now a days agriculture is becoming advance and also its tools which is enriching india through innovation as well as invention , the famous crop known as maize from which pop corn or any thing is made making a place in human mind so we decided to make some modification in maize harvester so that it will be easy to farmer to harvest crops and in less time.So in this paper a maize harvester system is design so that after harvesting crop we can easily make it aside with the help of sheild ,also  this system can be carry easily from one place to another with the help trolley. 

Jan 30, 2018
Jan 30, 2018
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  • Walse Atul, Walse Kiran, Naikare Akshay, Mutke Akash, Prof. Dhobale A.L.