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Resisting Shoulder Surfing Attack Using PassMatrix and PairBase Techniques

Gawandi Mayuri K.,Pate Saloni P., Pokharkar Snehal M., Prof. Said S. K.,
Online First: January 30, 2018
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Now a days India is moving towards a digital
India while moving towards a digitization security is major
concern. For providing security traditional authentication
methods are used like credentials, OTP, LTP, etc. But
there are major security threats while using this methods.
Web application and mobile application are used widely in
everywhere with various devices. This evolution is very
useful but also increases probability leaking a password
through shoulder surfing attacks. In this attack, attacker
can observe directly or by external recording devices or
video capturing are used for collecting password. To
overcome this we proposed a system that provides pair
base method and graphical password based on pass matrix
concept to resist shoulder surfing attack. Pass Matrix is
considered a novel and easy-to-use graphical password
authentication system, which can effectively improve
shoulder-surfing attacks. In graphical password where
users click on images to authenticate themselves.
Experimental result show that, the proposed system
achieves better resistance to shoulder surfing attacks while
maintaining usability

Jan 30, 2018
Jan 30, 2018
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  • Gawandi Mayuri K.,Pate Saloni P., Pokharkar Snehal M., Prof. Said S. K.,