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Thermoelectric Power Generation with Load Resistance Using Thermoelectric Generator

Ph.D scholar, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty, A.P. Assistant Professor, Department of Physics , Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science, Madanapalle , A.P. E-mail:
Online First: September 03, 2017
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Thermoelectric power generation is a direct consequence of the Seebeck effect. The Seebeck   effect is a  device that converts heat  into electrical energy due to difference in temperature between two dissimilar conductors   and  produces  voltage. The  Seebeck  effect  is the generation of an open circuit voltage (no load is connected) across a junction made  or  dissimilar material  due to a temperature  difference  across this junction. They consists of  one pair of p-type  and   n-type thermoelectric elements .  (to perform such conversion) . The main focus of this paper is  when four TEGs are connected in series combination and  in parallel combination ,the input and output voltages, output current  can be measured  at different temperatures ,  and the corresponding graphs  can be  drawn  .   We can also calculate the power generated  by the formula , P=IV .The   measurements were done with the help of thermoelectric generators (TEP1 -1264 -1.5)  and a measurement setup consists of controlled hotplate , a controlled fan.  Thermistor  is used for measuring temperature.  At  load resistance  , R= 10Ω  when  four  TEGs are connected in parallel , the maximum output current drawn at temperature 1800 C is 0.4 A  and the output voltage is 5.1V. In this case the output power calculated is  P = I V = 2.04 W and the corresponding  graphs are drawn  between Temperature vs   the output voltage , temperature vs output current, output current vs output voltage . When four TEGs are connected in series , the maximum current drawn at temperature  1600C is 0.63A and the output voltage is 20.5V . In this case the output power generated is , P=IV= 12.3W and the corresponding graphs are drawn between  temperature vs output voltage, temperature vs output current , output current vs output voltage.

Keyword : Thermoelectric generator (TEG), temperature controller,Seebeck effect

Sep 18, 2017
Sep 3, 2017
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