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Minimizing the Computational Cost on Large Scale Data Using Network Traffic

D. Prasanna Lakshmi, Dr. I Hema Latha
1PG Scholar (M.Tech), Department of Information technology, Sagi Ramakrishnam Raju Engineering College. Bhimavaram A.P 2Associative Professor, Department of information technology, Sagi Ramakrishnam Raju Engineering College, Bhimavaram, A.P
Online First: December 19, 2017
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The goal of this framework to diminish organizes activity cost for a Map-Reduce work by planning a novel middle of the road information segment conspires. Strategies/Analysis: The Map-Reduce display streamlines the vast scale data taking care of on items aggregate by manhandling parallel map and reduces assignments. Despite the fact that various undertakings have been made to expand the execution of Map-Reduce works, they ignore the system action created in the blend arrange, which expect a fundamental part in execution overhaul. Discoveries: Generally, a hash limit is used to fragment widely appealing data among diminish assignments, which, in any case, isn't development powerful in light of the way that system topology and its information measure associated with each key are not pondered. Reconsider to diminish framework development cost for a Map-Reduce work by arranging a novel direct data portion design. Applications/Improvement: Decomposition based dynamic calculation and hc calculation is proposed to deal with the tremendous scale advancement issue for huge data application is in like manner planned to change data bundle and combination progressively. At last, wide multiplication comes about demonstrate that the proposed proposals would altogether be able to diminish arrange development cost under disconnected cases.

Keyword : Big Bata, Data Aggregation, Dynamic Decomposition-based Distributed K- means Algorithm, hc Algorithm, Traffic Minimization

Dec 19, 2017
Dec 19, 2017
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  • D. Prasanna Lakshmi, Dr. I Hema Latha