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Street Vendors and their Everyday Struggle for Survival: A Case study of Mumbai

Mohd Najmi Malik
Research Scholar Tata Institute of Social Sciences Deonar Mumbai, India, 400088
Online First: December 08, 2017
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Street vendors contribute to the urban economy as buyers, as distributors of goods and services to the public, as generators of jobs, and as taxpayers. They merit a policy framework that helps mitigate income loss and protects the earnings on which their households rely. This paper is an attempt to understand everyday issues of street vendors in the city of Mumbai. It has been observed that the street vendors are victims of the some political parties for projecting notion of ‘son of soil’. Particularly in Mumbai, street vendors who have migrated outside of Maharshtra often get beaten-up by workers of the political parties for engaging in the livelihood activities. Since Mumbai is one of economical hub of India, therefore it attracts people from every part of India to get engage in economical activities in Mumbai. Therefore, this paper is also trying to understand everyday struggle of street vendors in securing their livelihood. The paper is based on the empirical research with the using case study research method. 

Keyword : Street vendors, City, Livelihood and Mumbai.

Dec 8, 2017
Dec 8, 2017
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