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Inhuman Religious Practices in Democratic Countries –A Challenge to the Concept of Human Rights with Special Reference to Indian Secular Scenario

Siji Rachel George
Assistant Professor, St. Cyril’s College, Adoor
Online First: November 16, 2017
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This paper primarily talks about the concept of “Inhuman religious practices in democratic countries–a challenge to the concepts of   human rights with special reference to Indian secularism”. Human rights are widely considered as fundamental moral rights of the individuals for a dignified life. These rights are essential for the adequate development of human personality and happiness. The aim of a universal system of human rights is to revise and restore human dignity in all societies, where political and economic oppression exist and to enrich and refine human life. In this paper I tried to examine the basic essence of secularism in Indian democracies and its social prospective. This paper commences with the introduction to the human rights in which it defines the concept of secularism and also discuss about its origin and where it was derived from. This article examines the arguments both of those who claim that religious beliefs must interpret human rights in their own terms and those who claim priority for the secular understanding of the concept. As further oppressed towards the relationship of human right and secularism and also discuss how the implementation of secular principles may lead to the integration of the nation.  Then it further discusses about the constitutional guarantees of secular principles.  This paper aims to spread knowledge and make the readers inquisitive about their approach to secularism in a democratic nation and merciless religious practices in democracy as a challenge to the concepts of   human rights.

Keyword : secularism, democracy, equality, human rights, religious practices, pseudo secularism.

Nov 16, 2017
Nov 16, 2017
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