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Conflict Situation in Contemporary Manipur

Gangam Malangmei, Dr. Aheibam Koireng Singh
1Ph. D Scholar, Department of Social Work, Gandhi National Tribal University-Regional Campus Manipur, Kangpokpi District 2Assistant Professor, Centre for Manipur Studies, Manipur University, Canchipur Indo-Myanmar Road, Imphal Email id:
Online First: November 09, 2017
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The state of Manipur can fittingly be termed ‘Miniature IndiaÂ’ taking into consideration the substantive resemblances with the kind of equation heartland India has with the rest of the country in terms of diversity in ethnic composition and demographic variations. Manipur has been caught in conflicts of different kinds and in its multiple. The British during their colonial rule in Manipur exploited the ethnic diversity as their policy. The seeds of ethnic acrimony were sown that was to be blossomed in the contemporary times during the period of British rule. Colonial legacy revisited after Manipur became a part of India. As its aftermath consequences, Manipur had her first experience of considerably large inter-community clashes in the form of Hmar-Kuki Clashes (1959-1960). Afterwards, in the passing decade of the twentieth century, there were series of violent ethnic clashes which have caused huge casualties both in terms of human and material loss.  Massive secessionist and insurgency movements based on nationality questions which were to be seen in the later years were sprouted during the first two decades of the merger. And also the state has witnessed splintering of armed groups and factional infighting with large scale casualties cutting across community lines. Thus, the conflict between the state and the non-state armed opposition groups, ethnic conflict between and among different communities and fratricidal factional infighting between different armed groups are the specificities that gives Manipur a stamp of being in conflict situation.

Nov 9, 2017
Nov 9, 2017
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  • Gangam Malangmei, Dr. Aheibam Koireng Singh