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Academic Performance Assessment System Using K-Medoids Clustering Algorithm

Sandanshiv Monika, Patel Rajashri, Patil Poonam
1, 2,3B.E Student Department of Computer Engineering GCE, Nagaon, Maharashtra, India
Online First: November 04, 2017
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Education is the field where there is a wide development and many if the manual process is now being replaced with automatic system or software. One area which can be analyzed and made automatism the marks analysis. Many educational institutes have started personal development plans for students. Which include their main area of interest, which subject’s students get more marks etc. Doing all this manually is very time consuming process. So a system which will make this process intelligent and atomize it is required. Student mark analyzing system is been designed to carry out the mark analysis process in an educational institution. The results of respective departments can be efficiently computed without much of manual involvement. This system will be an android application means students and staff can access system from their android smart phones.The system will provide admin/staff with facility of performing graphical analysis on student and subject wise performance evaluation. The admin will also have facility to perform clustering of students based on their marks for which the system will use the K-Medoids Algorithm.

Keyword : Student Performance Marks, Student Subject, Android Phones, Graphs, Student PRN, Grouping Of Student.

Nov 4, 2017
Nov 4, 2017
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  • Sandanshiv Monika, Patel Rajashri, Patil Poonam