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Land Use Change Detection Analyses by using Multi-temporal Satellite Imageries

Joginder Ahlawat
Extension Faculty, Pt. Neki Ram Sharma Government College, Rohtak,
Online First: August 13, 2017
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Current research articleanalyze the uses of geographical information system and Remote Sensing in mapping Land-Use Land-Cover change detection in Dehradun between 2000 and 2013.In achiev objective, Land Consumption Rate and the Land Absorption Coefficient were introduced insupportof the quantitative assessment of the change. The results in present study shows a rapid growth in built-up areabetween 2004 and 2013 while the periods between 2000 and 2004 witnessed notable reduction in this class. Suggestions were therefore made at the end of the work on ways to use the information as contained therein optimally.Capital city of Dehradun has witnessed outstanding physical expansion, growth with the developmental activities such as housing or building, road construction, deforestation and many other anthropogenic activities since its beginning as capital cities. Therefore it is resulted in increased urban land consumption and the modification and alterations in naturally availableland use land cover over the time periods.

Keyword : Change Detection, Remote Sensing,GIS, Land Use Land Cover (LULC), Image

Aug 18, 2017
Aug 13, 2017
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